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Trickster Online - English Version

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This is a community for anyone who plays or is intersted in the MMORPG, Trickster Online. It is an Online RPG where you can have a male or female character represented by an animal. With each animal comes a job and class. The english release is at midnight EST, July 25th. More information will come as the game opens and progresses.

Please post your character information here

1) Keep all posts TO related, but feel free to introduce yourself.
2) Check the memories before asking common questions.
3) Flaming is not tolerated, please be kind to our members.
4) Put any large images or long posts under a cut.
5) No chat speak, this is a community for mature and intelligent players.
6) Absolutly no advertising.
7) Do not screen or disable comments.
8) Anything I may have missed, make sure you check the
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Users caught breaking any of our rules will be given a warning. Any post breaking rules may be subject to deletion. We use a 3 strike policy and generally ban on the third strike - this is a case by case punishment and we may choose not to ban according to the offence. You can find the Strike/Ban list here

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